Our approach goes beyond conventional hair and makeup services; at AMORE by Bea, our team of talented senior hair & makeup artists strives to create a positive and relaxing energy exchange that lingers well beyond the chair. Capturing the very essence of our commitment, 'Beauty is a Feeling' exemplifies our dedication to curating an environment where speakers can immerse themselves in relaxation, fostering the confidence necessary for a standout performance on stage.


Adding Value to your Corporate event:
Offering your speakers hair and makeup touch up services, will make them feel pampered and cared for. By creating a superior experience for all involved, you’re helping build a positive reputation for your events and you’re encouraging future attendance.

Enhancing the Speaker’s performance on stage:
Time in the chair is a sanctuary for speakers to gather themselves and cultivate calmness. While relaxing, they will also build greater confidence. Looking good translates to feeling confident, empowering speakers for impactful presentations.

Helping the audience engagement:
A relaxed and confident speaker enhances the overall experience for attendees. The energy they’ll be able to transmit from the stage, will translate into a more engaged audience. Moreover, polished speakers are perceived as more capable, intelligent, and valuable.

Event Reputation:
An engaging event with esteemed speakers elevates the overall perception and likelihood of future attendance.

Our conference hair and makeup services in Vancouver extend beyond aesthetics; they're a key contributor to a superior event experience. The subtle touches matter – from the seamless speaker photos to the lasting impact felt by speakers and attendees alike. Elevate your event with
AMORE by Bea and witness the transformation firsthand. 


- Half day:
Hair and Makeup,
up to 5 hours
- $700 -

- Full day:
Hair and Makeup,
up to 8 hours 
- $1200 -

- Overtime:
Charged per hour past 8 hours
- $150/Hour -

Our Rates