So many options out there – are you overwhelmed and confused yet?! Here are some key points to remember when looking for that perfect hairstyle you’ll wear on your most memorable day! Hope this helps!

1. Keep the weather conditions in mind! – especially given Vancouver’s weather unpredictability, you don’t want to worry about that 100% average humidity rate – doing an updo is your best bet! Your hair will last all day, and not one single worry will have to creep into your mind!

2. How’s your neckline? – if you’re undecided whether your hair should be down or up, here’s my advice! Generally speaking, if you’re showing more skin in the back, down styles look best! If you’re showing less skin, then consider elevating your whole figure showing more neck with an up style.

3. What do you feel more comfortable with? – Ask yourself questions like: Do you feel comfortable with your hair up in a bun or ponytail? Does your hair down bother you, and will you be bothered by pieces framing your face?

So now, with all this in mind, you’re looking for bridal hair photos. These few tips will help you find an achievable look for yourself:

  • Look for photos with your same hair color – most styles you’ll find are on lighter and/or highlighted hair; if that’s not your color, search for “dark hair updos.”

  • Search on your hairstylist pages first! Choosing what your hairstylist specializes in is a guarantee for success!

  • Keep in mind that most down hairstyles have extensions, especially Hollywood Waves! If you’re open to that option, I can recommend a few places in Vancouver to look at!


Know you’re worth hiring a professional – someone who focuses on hairstyling and not your colourist or junior stylist.

The hairdresser who’s been cutting your hair since you were 5 years old has a very different set of skills than someone who’s a professional in styling hair for weddings. Hairdressers working in a salon focus their time on cutting and colouring hair – they hardly ever get to style them and let me tell you, it shows.

I’ve seen too many bad hairstyles and heard too many horror stories to let you make the same mistake!


If my modern hairstyles are exactly what you were looking for, it’s now time to finalize and secure your booking.

Why book me & my team?

We’re trained, and experienced, and we deliver. But above all this, we care.

Here are our promises to you:

  • I’ve been personally working in the bridal industry for over 10 years now – I hand-pick my artists based on experience, style, skills, and work ethic. I have trained some of my artists so I know they will match my effortless-looking styles.

  • I’m organized and efficient with timing out the day for you and sticking to the schedule. I always make sure to add a buffer time in our schedule to make sure everything is as perfect as it can be and we have room for touch-ups.

  • You want someone who is reliable and will show up early ready to pamper you and keep you calm during emotional moments. Our motto is “take the stress out of your wedding day so you can bring your best energy to your event”.

  • I’ll be there to make sure you’re picture perfect, I’ll stay until you put your dress on and you’re ready to walk out the door – I book one wedding per day so you know I won’t rush out the door before making sure everything is perfect.

I hope this guide has helped you narrow down your perfect bridal hairstyle and given you confidence in booking an experienced professional stylist for your big day! Finding the right look is such an important and fun part of pulling your whole wedding day vision together. You want to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself when you walk down the aisle. With some strategic planning using these tips, your dream hairstyle is within reach. Reach out anytime if you have any other questions – I’m here to help and make sure your hair is flawless on your wedding day! Wishing you a stress-free planning journey and a magical memory-filled day surrounded by loved ones.

Shoutout to Sachin Khona for taking such amazing photos of a bride and bridesmaids that we worked with!

Interested in working with us? Learn more about us here.

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