The 5 Best Vancouver Wedding Photographers in Vancouver 2024

Planning your dream wedding in Vancouver? Congratulations! As a professional makeup artist specializing in wedding makeup and hair for more than a decade now, I understand and have witnessed the importance of every detail in making your special day unforgettable. One of the key elements to preserve these precious memories is choosing the right wedding photographer. I have worked alongside with many talented local photographers in the Vancouver wedding scene. Now booking season is among us, I would love to take the chance to share with you my personal top 5 wedding photographers in Vancouver that I adore working with and am impressed by their work EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Each have their unique style and vision. Let me introduce you:

  1. Chelsey Lea Photography
  2. The Apartment Photography
  3. Danaea + Silas Godard – The Godard’s Photography
  4. Page and Holmes Photography
  5. Dylaina Gollub Photography

*This list is not in any particular order! I love them ALL!

Chelsey Lea Photography – Wedding Photographer Specialized in “Dreamy”

Chelsey Lea’s style is dreamy and romantic. She has a keen eye for natural light and composition to ensure that every shot is crisp yet elegant. With Chelsey behind the lens, your wedding photoshoot will be nothing short of magical! Here’s my recent favourite wedding shoot with her:

Chelsey Lea Vancouver Wedding Photography
Chelsey Lea Top Vancouver Wedding Photographer

My client looks elegant and beautiful in these with her dream wedding hair – Hollywood waves! 😍

Chelsey Lea wedding photography in Vancouver

Hollywood waves are all the rage now! One of the trickier bridal hairstyles there is but guess what? Our team can do it. Just look at how beautiful Chelsea is ↑

Cat and Jeff from The Apartment Photography – Contemporary Vancouver Wedding Photographers

If you are looking for highly stylized, contemporary, minimalistic, or even black-and-white wedding photography, please look no further than The Apartment Photography. Cat and Jeff are a kick-ass pair of Vancouver wedding photographers and a lovely couple, too! Their talent and their dedication to the craft truly make their work standout! Here’s one of our brides and her groom captured by these talented humans:

Contemporary Wedding Photography
Vancouver Wedding Photoshoot

We love these colours! So romantic and comforting!

They were recently named International Wedding Photographers of the Year by the IWPOTY and voted for Best Overall Photography by The BC Wedding Awards 2020, just in case you needed more reason to book them!

Danaea + Silas Godard – The Godard’s Photography – Romantic, candid, and intimate!

Here are two of my favourite Vancouver wedding photographers that I had the honour to work with! The dynamic duo are so amazing at capturing authentic emotions and candid moments. Look at two of my favourite photos from our client’s wedding:

The Godard's wedding photography Vancouver
wedding photographers in Vancouver


Page and Holmes Photography – Married Wedding Photography A-Team

Another pair of contemporary-style local wedding photographers (Or in their words: “A married wedding photography couple who live in Vancouver”) that we love working with! They are professionals who can capture your wedding day in a unique and intimate way. And if you’re looking for black-and-white wedding photography as well, you’ve come to the right place. Look at our beautiful bride captured by Page and Holmes:

Black and White Wedding Photography Vancouver
Page and Holmes Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Dylaina Gollub Photography – Fairytale Wedding Photographer

Dylaina Gollub’s wedding photography work speaks volumes of her passion for storytelling through the camera. Her artistic approach beautifully captures every moment, creating timeless images that you can look back on and cherish for a lifetime! I love Dylaina’s attention to detail, the lovely contrast, and the warmth in her work!

Here’s my bride looking so gorgeous on her wedding day, captured by Dylaina:

Wedding Photoshoot Vancouver
Photographer for wedding in Vancouver

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding photographer in Vancouver for your big day, these five talented professionals stand out to us for their incredible dedication to their craft. Each photographer brings their unique perspective and style to the table so that your wedding photoshoot is nothing short of spectacular.

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